Desire Properties – A Comprehensive Real Estate Website

Case Study: Desire Properties – A Comprehensive Real Estate Website

Our team had the opportunity to develop a comprehensive real estate website for Desire Properties, a platform focused on buying, selling, and renting properties. The client provided detailed requirements, including specific pages, functionalities, and design elements. Our goal was to create an attractive and user-friendly website that would effectively showcase the client’s services and properties.

Design and Navigation:
The website featured a modern and visually appealing design. We incorporated a full-screen animated header, inspired by The navigation menu, similar to, allowed easy access to different sections of the website. Scroll-down navigation enhanced user experience, ensuring seamless exploration.

The homepage included the company logo, a GIF call-to-action, and a welcome popup form. Visitors could navigate through sections such as “About Us,” “Our Services,” “Properties,” “Projects,” “Property Management,” “Blog,” “Gallery,” and “Contact Us.” A “Meet The Team” page, inspired by, provided insights into the Desire Properties team.

About Us:
The “About Us” page showcased a CEO message, mission, vision, and company history. A testimonial section added credibility and trust.

Our Services:
We highlighted Desire Properties’ core services, including property consultancy, sales and marketing, property management, and residential and commercial buying.

The website incorporated a comprehensive property listing section with options to buy, sell, and rent. Each property had its own dedicated page, showcasing property type options (apartments, bungalows, plots, shops, offices). A search engine allowed users to filter properties based on location and price range.

Delivered, ongoing, and upcoming projects were featured separately. Each project had its own page with project video, Google Map location, description, images, payment schedule, and an inquiry form.

Affiliate and Broker:
Desire Properties provided opportunities to become an affiliate or a broker. Forms were available to collect information from interested individuals.

Blogs and Careers:
The website included a blog section for informative real estate articles. A careers page featured job listings for roles such as graphic designer, sales agent, social media executive, and content writer.

Additional Pages and Features:
Other essential pages, such as FAQ, privacy policy, site map (with search option), and terms & conditions, were incorporated to ensure transparency and ease of use.

Our team successfully developed an attractive and user-friendly real estate website for Desire Properties, fulfilling all the client’s requirements. The website showcased properties, projects, services, and career opportunities, with intuitive navigation and a modern design. The website has contributed to the client’s business growth and serves as a valuable platform for buyers, sellers, and renters in the real estate market.

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