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Krufter offers exciting opportunities for talented individuals to join our team and help shape the future of digital marketing, with competitive compensation packages, flexible work arrangements, and a dynamic, collaborative work environment.

Full Time / Part Time
Digital Marketer

Digital marketer responsible for online strategy, campaigns, and analytics to increase brand visibility and ROI.

Full Time

Supervise and mentor team members to meet client needs, achieve KPIs and develop skills in digital marketing.

Part Time
Email marketer

Email marketer responsible for creating, executing and analyzing email campaigns to engage and retain subscribers.

Full Time / Part Time
Customer Service Representative

Resolve customer inquiries and issues through multiple channels for services we provide.

Join Our Team

Our Agency Has Been Present For Over 2 Years In Digital Agency !

Krufter invites highly skilled individuals to be part of its team and co-create the future of digital marketing, providing attractive remuneration, adaptable work setups, and an engaging, interactive workspace.

Join us to shape the next frontier in marketing.

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